Sustainability at Hispanitas: Ethical Footwear and Environmental Responsibility
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Hispanitas Sustainability

We are a brand that takes great care in the quality of our materials and the manufacturing process of each of our models. As a brand, we were born 32 years ago, but as a family business devoted to footwear, we have been for almost 100 years. Nowadays we are present in more than 55 countries all over the world and have 7 sales points of our own.

Our most representative values are mainly made in Spain, comfort, quality, design and our own personality, but another significant part of our DNA is made up of the history, the values, the people and the family tradition behind each pair of shoes we offer.

Made in Spain

Hispanitas Sustainability

Made in Spain is a key value for us and one of our strongest outstanding points. In addition to manufacturing most of our collections in Spain, (and a small part in Portugal), we promote local employment by producing in local factories in the province of Alicante, boosting the ancillary industry in the area we are located, and ensuring a responsible supply chain management.

Hispanitas Sustainability

The path towards sustainability

Our responsibility as a brand is to help improve our environment. Therefore, we work on sustainability in three areas: environmental, economic, and social.

Sustainability is the present and we believe in it as a brand culture.

Hispanitas Sustainability

In 2020 we launched our first line of 100 % eco-friendly footwear. A sneaker, we called Style 001 set a precedent for the sustainable future of our collections, giving rise to other models such as the Ecogina or the Ecopolinesia, and for the introduction of sustainable materials in our global collection.


Hispanitas Sustainability

Currently, we use materials such as the Melbourne, Borneo, and Bionic mesh fabrics, made of 27.15 % nylon and 72.85 % recycled polyester, and the Fly fabric, made of 51.91 % RPET, in some of our sneakers.
We also introduce in a selection of models the use of recycled PU for the insoles, recycled EVA for the soles (both certified by the Global Recycled Standard) and the chromium-free OnSteam vegan insole to also reduce leather consumption.

Hispanitas Sustainability


We work with high-quality leathers coming, only and exclusively, from food industry.

Reinventing / recycling

Hispanitas Sustainability

100% of our packaging is recycled.

We collaborate with SAPESA Servicios Integrales for the management and collection of the waste we generate.

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We promote the use of renewable energies. Therefore, we have solar panels in our head office and in one of the factories where we produce, achieving significant energy savings.

Our social responsibility

Hispanitas Sustainability

We make responsible decisions that help improve our environment. We collaborate with associations in various solidarity projects in favour of education or sport, that fight to defend and improve people's quality of life.

Hispanitas Sustainability


Hispanitas Sustainability

Along with UPAPSA (Provincial Union of Associations of People with Intellectual Disability of Alicante, by its acronym in Spanish) and Sense Barreres (Rare Diseases and Disability Association of Petrel and Region) we conduct the Aula Hispanitas project which aims to reduce social and labour inequality of people with various disabilities, promoting their integration into the world of work.


Hispanitas Sustainability

HISPANITAS, UPAPSA and Sense Barreres hold the second year of collaboration highlighting the work of Aula Hispanitas for the labour inclusion of people with disabilities

The footwear brand Hispanitas, UPAPSA (Provincial Union of Associations of People with Intellectual Disability of Alicante, by its acronym in Spanish) and Sense Barreres (Rare Diseases and Disability Association of Petrel and Region) close two years of collaboration in which the Aula Hispanitas project has been accomplished with the aim of reducing social and labour inequality of people with disabilities from the Elda-Petrel and Region area. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness of their inclusion in the labour market, explaining that it is possible by focusing on the individual, his/her skills, and his/her potential for development.

Throughout 2023, the 14 students of the Aula, located in Sense Barreres facilities, attended the Commercial Assistant course with the involvement of the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante through the European Social Fund and the PICE (Integral Programme for Qualification and Employment, by its acronym in Spanish). In this course, they had the opportunity to participate in different training activities and family intervention, professional guidance, active job search and support in jobs activities, as well as to receive a certificate of professionalism.

Hispanitas Sustainability

Moreover, the project's scope includes other actions such as interviews to register them in the employment exchange, as well as an employability diagnosis and a follow-up, once they have entered the labour market, certifying that their quality of life has improved and the proper conditions for that are met.

It is worth highlighting some of the major improvements that have been achieved through this initiative. Thanks to the Aula Hispanitas, 14 people with severe disabilities have been hired by different companies in the area with their subsequent follow-up. Other milestones to name are the implementation of a support network in coordination with other services and resources (such as social services, mental health...) as well as the interviews conducted with more than 55 people with disabilities, detailing an employability diagnosis, support needs, comprehensive legislative advice and other aspects can help them to enter the labour market.

Hispanitas Sustainability

Luis Chico de Guzmán, CEO of Hispanitas, Ángela Durá, Head of HR at Hispanitas, and David Saéz from UPAPSA, together with the students of Aula Hispanitas.


Hispanitas Sustainability

Last March 2023, the three entities organised a business breakfast to gather various organisations, associations, and institutions in the area to make known this initiative and encourage them to collaborate in it, promoting the recruitment of people with disabilities. The event was attended by companies who shared their experiences after joining this initiative and adding to the team profiles with various types of disabilities.

This project entails a commitment to care about what Hispanitas, UPAPSA and Sense Barreres consider the most important value of society, people. A second call for the Aula Hispanitas is already planned for 2024.